When it comes to reading, I become a bit crazy, curious and overwhelmed. So, here I would love to say the 4 books that I’m reading every day. For every book, I spent an hour. That’s was my time plan. As I said in my early blog. I ferociously allocate time for reading.

Of course, I have personal projects. But, I never compromise my readings and writings. When it comes to reading, I read, every single day. When it comes to writing, at least I try to write 30 minutes. Although, I sit and think contents. When I roam around my house or when I read or watch a documentary. The contents, eventually arise. Quite often, my brain and heart search and run towards contents to research and write.

Here my reading comes,

  1. Fourth Industrial Revolution. By Klaus Schwab. So, this book must-read. Because this is the Fourth Industrial Revolution era. It’s begun. So far, I completed just 39 pages. But quite honestly and professionally, Professor Klaus Schwab has explained in a lucid manner. It’s too informative.

Here, I need to add the bonus, to this above book by the same author. Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  1. Develop Self-Confidence, Improve Public Speaking. By Dale Carnegie. Notably, I’m reading this book the second time. I would love to dig deep down.
  2. So You Want to Know About Economics. By Roopa Pai. When comes to Economics, I need to understand a lot. I love Economics. Sorry, I will say a bit later, the purpose of loving and reading Economics. Please don’t mistake me.
  3. The Stars Shine Down. By Sidney Sheldon. I’m looking for stories to read. I love biographies and autobiographies. Even more, I started loving novel and literary fiction books. The Testaments. Nothing Ventured and Milkman are in my upcoming books to read.

Finally, I sincerely encourage everyone to read these books.


With respect.


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