I often keen to learn faster. Also, I encourage more people to do this. Because I think in this dynamic era. Things are going faster and faster. If you are ready to grasp faster, you are gonna move fast. You should learn to learn a bit faster than every day or from every work you do.

Of course, I say this kind of methods is the better ones. There is a possibility, we individuals have our own ability to learn faster. That’s spectacular. Here, my intention to re-share this content is to learn as much as faster. That’s the reason, I search and share that would be a little more impact. Even I write, my personal opinion, I was becoming and becoming self-aware.

I think this is not a trick or secret sauce. These 9 are one of the methodologies to learn faster. There are several ways to do it. But, this also pays off.

If there are ways to learn faster, please comment in the down below. Those who read this comment will be benefitted. On January 2020, I got it from Pinterest. I felt important to re-share it.

Here it is,

  1. Breakdown difficult skills into smaller ones.
  2. Focus on one sub-skill at a time.
  3. Celebrate your mistakes and learn from them.
  4. Shorter period of study every day instead of a long one every week.
  5. Monitor your progress.
  6. Quiz yourself.
  7. Teach other people.
  8. Apply 80/20 principle.
  9. Create a learning ritual.


SOURCES: younghstlrs.

With respect.




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