I think this content I’m writing the second time maybe. I couldn’t remember exactly. But, I have some intention to do better in time management. Often, I would like to think, talk and write more on time management.

The fact we knew on time is, the better way you can manage your time is to manage your plan according to the time. Because we have 24 hours only. Might be we have 25 to-do-lists. Even more too.

What I say is to allocate a specified time on each list.

The same time problem happening to me. Because I’m still struggling to adjust my time according to my to-do-lists. I knew that it takes time. But, every day, I write. I write. What needs to do today. I write each task one by one and allocate time for each task. Might be I fail to complete it.

Things started changing for me. From the day I started writing and allocating time on each task. I’m feeling, good. I can realize the time I’m spending. 20% of the tasks I lose every day. Quite honestly, that’s my lesson. I’m able to know what’s going on with my tasks. Still, adjustments required.

So, you need to know the ultimate priorities right. You should learn to set the target to finish it off. Just be fully focused. Do whatever you can. Finally, you should know the pending work of each list. Alright, if you completed each task on the allocated time. That’s superb. Sometimes, a task might take time to do. So, you need to know where you are standing on every list. Visualize the result of each task. If it is good or terrible, that’s okay. Appreciate yourself. At least you are measuring your result. If the tasks and time seem chaotic, don’t worry. Again, adjust and allocate it.


Plan your day before night. Just write everything, what you are gonna accomplish on an upcoming day.

Ladies and gentlemen. Go-ahead.


With respect.

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