There is nothing wrong with what kind of thoughts that we need to choose. Because our thoughts flow like an ocean. We cannot simply sit and think every thought. Some thoughts might affect us. Some thought might ruin our day too.

I think I wrote this content. Maybe once or twice. Alright, I have the intention to say something, something valuable.

Don’t take everything to your mind. Please don’t mistake me and please correct me, if I’m wrong. Our thoughts decide everything. Our thoughts decide our day too. Either good or bad day. Either productive or unproductive day. If we are ready to do something if there is thought-wavering. You cannot get the focus. That’s it.

It’s all begins with what to think?

Is this over-thinking needed?

Is this particular thought affecting me?

Why am I thinking something, not at all important?

What are the consequences of these thoughts?

Answer: Nothing.

Our present work and our plans become ridiculous. Because we cannot control or get rid-off from these notorious thoughts.

Better we can just think, what is important?

Is this required?

Or not.

Listen and observe your thought-flow and the reactions which are happening in your body and mind. You have to leave everything and take a week or a couple of days to observe what’s going on. For someone, it will take a matter of moment to change the thought or adjust and re-adjust or even more to prioritize it.

For some, it will take days and months. That’s okay. There is nothing wrong. If it takes time. It’s all about engaging with the right/proper/stable thought-process. It’s all about our own individual initiative. It’s unfair to compare with someone.

Once you know, what are the thoughts that come and goes?

The next step would be your best step. Thought prioritization.

See what’s right and wrong with the thoughts. Observe the results that you are doing any work with the thoughts. The most important is, every single thought in your mind should not affect you mentally and emotionally. As I said, your work should not be ruined.

Keep calm, observe and prioritize the thoughts.

Ladies and gentleman, I’m must apologize here. I could not able to write Essential manager’s manual, Poem and other stuff.

Right now, I’m working from home. So, the materials are in my workplace. Anyway, I try to do some of it.


With respect.

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