We have to maintain the 6 hours of solid sleep. Quite often, we knew ourselves we cannot sleep more time because we have the plans and purposes. But, we have to take our sleep habit a bit more seriously.

Why am I writing this content?

Today I felt too terrible about the sleep factor. Ladies and gentleman, nothing propaganda. I talked a bit more about success and successful people. That’s necessary. Even this sleep factor also necessary too. But, I feel something I wanna say, not too much of my personal stories and opinions. Just there is an intention and purpose for me as a writer to say something valuable. Nothing more and nothing less. It’s my real-life experience which is happening right now. I will appreciate if you have the excellent state of sleep. Please maintain it. If you have the right balance in your sleep schedule, the day will be yours. It will your productive day. That’s what required.

We should have to maintain a deep sleep of 6 hours. I would sincerely encourage. I have few mentors, they often say, 6 hours of deep sleep must. If your brain and body have to function normally. Of course, we all have the desire to do the stuff. Our plans should not be stopped by our sleep deprivation.

I talked several times in my earlier blog posts about sleep deprivation. This is something affects me. I’m not taking too much on this particular content, but I tested myself. I think a month before, I slept 6 hours of sleep for 2 days. Those two days are still one of my great days. Quite honestly, my body responded very well. I’m totally stable. I’m still struggling to form this habit. I started loving this habit. I would like to do it. No matter what.

Let’s be strict with our sleep schedule.


With respect.


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