This moment is the right moment to explore. We read substantially and widely too. I personally think, from this moment we can take and do some of the innovative stuff we have. We could do some of the experiment and research too. We all are ready and love to succeed. But, the ‘try factor’ is not enough from our side. In a single shot, I don’t know how it gonna works.

We could not expect this first shot, rather we can work more possibilities with our innovative thoughts. Simultaneously, we need to update too.

What I say is read and act with research and experiments. There is no perfect time. Just collect as much as the resources and do something until it gets good. If things aren’t working out, nothing to worry. Have a plan-B. Or change the methodology of doing the stuff you have.

But never goes down fighting. Keep fighting. Don’t felt bad at the initial point of consequences. It happens, it happens for every successful people too. So what? Who cares?

If you are working on something, I personally think you cannot say things gonna work too smoothly. That’s not the reality. You have to come up and come up. You have to think about several dimensions. Before reaching this point, you should learn widely. One more point, you need to raise critical questions. Those critical questions mould your creative ability. That’s required.

Seek experts.

Write the pros and cons.

Devote enormous time for thinking.

Giving up is not the option.

Draw a conclusion.

Sometimes we feel resources are still not enough. But unless you go and search you aren’t gonna get. If you don’t start at least what you have? Even you have a lot, you never gonna start.


With respect.



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