I started thinking a lot since morning till now.

I won’t take this day too special. Every birthday, I learn something. Something, can I say karma is teaching me something?


Nature is teaching is something?


My failures are teaching is me something.


Just one more please, the very few people I met in my life, they teaching me a lot.

I agree age is just a number. So far in my experiences, you need to learn to start your passion as soon as. Because you cannot say I will start next year or one fine day.

What I take this birthday motivation is, you need to learn constantly throughout life. You should ready to work every single day. Not for monetary or fame. But, you need self-sustainability. The immediate and important next step is, you need to be ready to be a leader. You must learn to lead people. At some point in your life, If your growth is constant, you must learn to lift others too. Sorry to say, please don’t this approach as a business motive. Learn to do it for service and without publicity too. Karma taught me. Success comes and goes. But, the way you are gonna sculpture your mind, character and health are matters most in your life. I’m not advising too much or saying about my personal story here. Being a start-up writer, I would convert and convey my personal story as a lesson to all my readers. Not too optimistically, rather delivering certain reality, harsh reality, chaotic reality.

There is a difference I could able feel, from last March 20 to this day. I often say success right! I think I’m quite right. Success. That’s actually required. But, you need to take care of your mind, character and health.

Even more deeply, what I would convey is, birthday is like New Year for me too. I just think a lot in these two days in a year. I need to work more. I started agreeing to my mistakes, rather than being arrogant. I was being arrogant. Nothing to say further. But, right now I’m quite happy. I just overcame with few important stuff. Still, yet to overcome a lot.

Thank you almighty,

Thank you, gentleman and gentlewomen.


With deep respect.



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