Over the last two days, I could not post in my blog. My sleeping habits impacting on my work. My body starts bit deteriorating. I need to balance the stuff. That’s it.

Quite categorically, I wasn’t felt wired to talk about this kind of issues. I did a bit of research before I started writing this post. More often, I started thinking a lot over the last 5 days. Earlier in my blog posts, I was talking about success. Along with success, you need to take care of your health too.

There is a proverb, I think we might read in our school days or somewhere.

Health is wealth.

This COVID- 19 CORONAVIRUS update was bit differs from my last two WEF and WHO shared posts. I’m writing here not to create propaganda, rather I personally think, we need extreme precautious on our body. Either to fight for any disease or to protect from any diseases.

Today Corona comes, tomorrow any virus could affect us. Everywhere the measures are constantly going on. Still, we, as an individual has to take care of our own body. I knew that it might sound awkward. But, that’s one of the measures that we can take right now. Then we should start taking care of our peoples in and around. Finally, our environment.

Simple habits, we have to do every day, clean our hands quite often, wearing facemasks, consulting doctor least every two weeks once.


With respect.

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