Annotation 2020-02-27 235224

Thank you, ladies and gentleman.

It has been more than a year, I’m blogging. I must say this is the tiny momentum for me. A special experience with my followers and readers. Before sharing this valuable experience. I was a bit ashamed yesterday, I just lay on my bed and watching videos and I thought, I will start writing after an hour and hours passed. Finally, I slept and in the morning I felt terrible for my bloody laziness. Not 100% lazy but procrastination ruining me.


Coming back to the anniversary, I received this happy anniversary with even a week before. I was in pressure, surroundings affected me a lot. The reason I postponed to post this content is, I cannot sit and write quietly over the past two months. I don’t find time to sit quietly before writing. I won’t write on that particular day. Because, I don’t think, please correct me, if I’m wrong. I don’t think, the content starts and ends bit well. Writing everyday matters, but, what I understood so far over a year. We should learn to sit quietly and think. Finally, start writing. Because my commute was too terrible and my sleep factors affecting me than ever before. Sleep deprivation. Even at this moment, I’m not justifying at all. I’m not writing simply. But, this is a true and valid reason. Even far more, at this moment, I’m writing in the midnight. The time is 12:48 AM.

I don’t wanna jump deeper into what’s going on aroung me?


I started and learning to balance the stuff.

It wasn’t easy for me. I wasn’t fit at all. But, I started learning to manage the time and prioritize the tasks that would be fair and far enough for me.

From my first day of blogging until right now. It’s been a quite challenging for me. My English/writing skills was not bad. But, I still have to brush up and polish.

I got 80 followers, feeling a bit great. Few mentors. I was honestly and professionally engaged in this blogging network.

I decided to be a life-long writer. Quietly, no matter what.

I have the purpose, if I’m writing right now, I would love to pay gratitude to the WordPress and my respected followers and readers. I have something to convey, something valuable. I’m not gonna inject. But, I’m gonna convey in a professional manner with the good English with good grammar too.

Things were quite often worse. But my intuition says to do and my not bad English and grammar says, you need to do massive ground work.

Still, miles to go.

Thank you, ladies and gentleman.

I love you all.


With deep respect.




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