In the early days of my blogging. I have the habit of searching more about how to be a writer and how to write with better grammar. When I kept on searching, I got Writing bad.org. Even the content makes me more curious. I wasn’t looking for a secret or recipe at all. I just need to know the reality of a writer. And pain and pleasure of being as a writer.

When I started writing, I was totally exaggerated. Right now bit well.

Let’s come to points straight-away.

I’m gonna paste the source link down below. I sincerely encourage everyone to visit further.

All writers have experienced the first draft blues. The idea for the story came to us in a flurry of inspiration; the characters sauntered through our door, greeting us with their riveting personalities. Yet, as we sat down to write the story, the sentences stumbled and clanked together in an oafish web of prose. Too many writers have sat and stared at these first drafts thinking themselves too unskilled to give justice to their stories and characters. Yet, with only six simple steps writers everywhere can begin writing with style today.

  1. Write primarily with nouns and verbs.
  2. Write in the positive form.
  3. Show, Don’t Tell.
  4. Use the Active Voice.  
  5. Manage the Flow.
  6. Avoid Redundancy.


SOURCES: https://writingbad.org/2017/05/16/write-in-style/?fbclid=IwAR0G3bVUHr97tkKwR5aZi3XYGrnT8wMiXAVfM3rBQ3cNgMPuOpymfhrlqH0

With respect.



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