LinkedIn is one of the most professional and most valuable networks too. I think I was in LinkedIn over the last 4 or 5 years. Over the last two years, I was quite engaged in LinkedIn. Precisely, I was connected with different sets of people across the globe. No matter who they are/where they come from.

Even more, I bit deeper about the learning through LinkedIn. I will sign-up and I will see the possibilities of learning. Quite honestly and even sadly, I can’t afford to pay. Just, what I do, whatever the information I see, I made a bookmark. Sounds crazy. It just helps me when I see my stacks of bookmarks. So, one of the valuable information what I got, creating a culture of learning in 6 steps. I would love to share.

I will attach the source link down below. Unfortunately, I could not deliver everything, what I would like to give here is a glimpse of this content. I sincerely encourage everyone to visit further.

About the author:


Britt Andreatta, PhD.

Britt Andreatta is a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience consulting, coaching, and teaching. Using her research and expertise working with businesses, universities, and nonprofit organizations, she creates powerful solutions to today’s most pressing workplace problems.

She is the author of several titles on leadership and learning and her new book is titled “Wired to Grow: Harness the Power of Brain Science to Master Any Skill”.

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What is a culture of learning?

Whether you know it or not, your organization has a learning culture. If you employ humans, learning happens in your workplace every day. We’re biologically wired to learn. We can’t stop ourselves.

Learning is necessary for survival. It’s a natural instinct. We constantly absorb information, determine what’s important, and decide how to act.

Learning experiences happen all around us. Are you directing them? Or are you allowing them to happen on their own?

This guide explores six steps you can use to successfully create a transformative culture of learning at your organization.

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Creating a culture of learning in 6 steps:

STEP 1: Honor the ever-present nature of learning.

STEP 2: Value learning as a path to mastery.

STEP 3: Make learning easily accessible

STEP 4: Use Blended Learning to Maximize Options.

STEP 5: Teach managers how to coach.

STEP 6: Evaluate performance based on learning.


Your organization as a whole, as well as every person in it, has unrealized ability. The most effective way to cultivate that potential is through building a transformative culture of learning. You can help your organization achieve new heights and develop employees who achieve great things.




With respect.


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