33 Daily Habits Highly Successful People Have (and the Rest of Us Probably Don’t)

Getting ahead can be a struggle if you don’t have the discipline to do the right simple things every single day.

By Christina DesMaraisContributor, Inc.com@salubriousdish

I sincerely encourage everyone to see a more detailed view of what I shared in 33 habits. I will mention the source link down below. Please go-ahead.

Ever wonder why getting ahead can sometimes seem like such a struggle? The truth is: If you want to be highly successful, you need to be highly disciplined. I’ve polled countless executives and entrepreneurs about the things they’re doing every day which help them succeed, and typically they credit simple daily routines which have been proven over time to give them an edge. Check out these quotes from 33 high-achieving individuals who share the habits which help them get ahead in business and life.

  1. Read about your industry and beyond.
  2. Keep a daily journal, but do it the right way.
  3. Work out for a strong body, which holds up a strong mind.
  4. Remove fear.
  5. Unplug without a device.
  6. Check your pride at the door.
  7. Never give up.
  8. Surround yourself with positive people.
  9. Listen and learn.
  10. Put in extra effort to stay organized.
  11. Pay attention to details.
  12. Keep some balance in your life.
  13. Write down your gratitude.
  14. Deprioritize opportunities which don’t fit with your goals.
  15. Adapt to what the present holds.
  16. Pick three things to do each day.
  17. Start the day with a small, meaningful win.
  18. Use Sundays to plan out your week.
  19. Protect your Sunday nights.
  20. Make a list of goals for improvement.
  21. Walk while talking on the phone.
  22. Accept that one amazing thing will happen every day.
  23. Start your day with meditation.
  24. Walk in the park.
  25. Think like a customer.
  26. Invert the traditional working hierarchy.
  27. Let music influence your mood.
  28. Create a sense of calm.
  29. Make time for music.
  30. Give yourself time to relax. 
  31. Tell the future you what to do.
  32. Get inspired by reading something inspiring.
  33. Move your body.

SOURCES: https://www.inc.com/christina-desmarais/33-things-highly-successful-people-are-doing-every-day-that-you-probably-arent.html


With respect.

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