I’m back, relentlessly not ruthlessly.

Over the last week, things were extremely terrible. My PC was too problematic. I don’t know what to do. I could not write, my habit of writing routine was stopped. I felt empty. It took me ten days, to get back my writing rhythm. After things got settled. I health got affected. I felt feverish and sleep deprivation too. This PC problem affected me emotionally lot. Feeling depressed too.

Right now, I don’t know, how to be candid through words.

Bad lessons. Learned finally.

I would often say, in this year 2020 matters most for not only me. Of course you too. Quite often, I convey every day is important to us. These last 14 days is the lesson for me.

The lesson to have a “Plan B. If it happened again. I should stop writing routine. To me personally, this is the right time to explore my writing skills. I feel like, I’m becoming a writer, by writing every day. Genuinely, accepting and asking advice from everybody. Delivering quite relevant and valuable posts.

Thank you almighty.

In the last fourteen days, my writing has been stopped for a valid reason. So, I happened in my mind.

I was started thinking rationally.

What has gone so far?

What’s going on right now?

Regarding my blog and way of writing.

I said to me, okay!

I asked myself diligently

Is this PC problem affects me too emotionally?


I did self-talk. It might happen tomorrow too. So, have a plan B. Be prepared for anything and everything. Once, stuff got ridiculous. That’s okay.

But next time. Never again.

Finally, thank you to my readers.


With respect.


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