10 Signs of an Influencer:

Yesterday, i got quite interesting connection through LinkedIn. I started checking the websites. Feeling extremely to read the lessons from the blogs. I’m paste the link down below, I highly encourage you all to visit and read it.

Learning who the influencers are within your Organization takes time and can be difficult, as they may not be obvious. Yes, Influencers can influence, that’s an easy one but not all influencers are easy to pick out of a crowd, as many influencers consciously choose to stay out of the limelight and work effectively behind the scenes.

A strong network will have all generations, levels, roles and ranks covered within their network and one extremely critical role to fill, will be influencers; this is a role that you will want to reinforce with redundancy over and over throughout your network.

It’s important to have access to influencers, but before you can recruit and secure them for your network, you must be able to recognize them; below are 10 signs to assist in spotting an Influencer.

1.     They may not have a title or authority.

2.     They are Persuasive.

3.     They have a Strong Network.

4.     They often are found behind the scenes.

5.     They are strong communicators.

6.     They are highly respected.

7.     People listen when they talk.

8.     They have Strong Supporters.

9.     They set trends.

10.  They create engagement.


SOURCES: https://worklessons101.com/blogs/f/10-signs-of-an-influencer


With respect.


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