7 Different Ways to Invest In Yourself

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So What Does it Really Mean to Invest In Yourself?

The Drill

So how do you start? How do you actually go about the business of investing yourself? If the entire prospect is daunting to you, try simplifying it by breaking it up into chunks. Look at different pieces of your life that might benefit from a revamp, and at the same time start looking at how you might go deeper with certain aspects of yourself. Here are some examples of what we mean. Consider it a recipe for awesomeness.

1. AM Journal.

Writer Julia Cameron in the seminal The Artist’s Way referred to this early morning journaling process as “the brain drain,” a way to empty the mind of its hectic and often overburdening jumble, to at some point, start to distill its many hidden gems.

2. Get a Dream Team in Place.

There is great power in mentorship and it can come in all kinds of ways. Whatever your specific needs are, realize that there is absolutely no shame in getting some help.

3. Fake it ‘Til You Make It.

“Do what it takes to convince yourself—take real action, educate yourself, create the kinds of things that would be expected of you in that role,” she writes. “It won’t feel comfortable at first; sometimes it’s terrifying. But you’ve got to make it a reflex. It’s like a muscle that you have to exercise until it becomes strong.”

4. Carve Out an Hour.

Whatever it is, commit to one hour, where you sit down, without social media buzzing in your face, without distracting e-mails to answer, and without your “real job” to deal with. Call it you time.

5. Put Yourself Out There

Networking is king. Or queen, as it were. We can’t say enough about the value of putting yourself out there. How will people know you exist? How will you make connections. It’s true what they say: it’s all about who you know, so get out there and know people!

6. Find Your Voice.

No matter what direction you’re going to take as you become self-made, you’re going to have to find your voice. Whatever you embark upon will require that you give a tone, style and message to your brand, which will all culminate in the essence of how you want the world to understand what it is you’re offering.

7. Get Intentional.

Or as Nely likes to call it, “declare yourself!” If you love to write poetry, say you’re a poet. If you love to cook, say you’re a chef. If you want to start a company, see yourself as a CEO, and and “act as if” until you actually are. Be intent on figuring out who you are deep down, and make it your mission to live in those shoes.


SOURCES: https://becomingselfmade.com/2016/05/10/how-to-invest-in-yourself/?fbclid=IwAR3fkjU70hfgj3jXmITK36q8czfle-IjsNomjoI0_v3qwl4VV55gCwBaouE


With respect.

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