17 Ways To Think Like A Writer Every Day :

A day before yesterday, when I started sharing about, why you need to pay attention if you are a writer?

From writerswrite.co, when i keep on reading in that post, it has suggested readings.

I would love to share.

  1. Open your eyes.
  2. Use your other senses too.
  3. Watch people.
  4. Listen to people.
  5. What makes people uncomforatable?
  6. Ask questions.
  7. Think about patterns, Symbols, Signs.
  8. Inteerrogate people’s actions.
  9. What are people’s driving passions?
  10. What are people biggest fear?
  11. Imagine secene through different view points.
  12. Turn an incident into an Inciting moment.
  13. Ask what if?
  14. Turn a situation into a scene.
  15. Narrate a scene in your head.
  16. Find potential tiles everywhere.
  17. Look for heroes.

SOURCE: https://writerswrite.co.za/think-like-writer-every-day/


With respcet.

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