Widen your eyes and just wait, watch and realize what’s going on in and around too.

If you take a path, run relentlessly. Just take a moment and look at the things. When you measure the progress, just look at yourself and everywhere.

If you don’t know, what’s going on. Success seems empty and tasteless.

When you realize something by doing it is called success and you can attain as soon as.

When you attained success. You must have some sort of deep understanding of what you had done and what you are going to do. More precisely, why you are doing it?

Here, the “Why” factor comes,


Here, a leadership expert and my all-time favorite Simon Sinek’s book, “Start with why” also comes too. It’s still my book list, yet to read. I highly encourage everyone to read it. Even one more time too.

Sometimes, I feel like, I was blindly obsessive. Just over the last few months, I started to think once a week. Even sometimes may not.

This is what required. Absolutely must.

Ladies and gentleman,

If you don’t know or don’t have the why factor. Just start thinking of it. Just take time and observe.

  1. Search within yourself.
  2. Submit your questions and answers to your mentors.
  3. Even, it is chaotic, nothing to worry about. That natural. It happens to successful people too.

Keep calm and observe the stuff. Success might be delayed. It should not be meaningless after you succeed.

Be more specific, even if you are ambitious like me. That’s alright.

Take a paper and write one by one. See, what’s happened so far. What needs to be done. Track every week, month, and year your progress.


With respect.


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