The breathing exercises. If you wanna stay stronger, you should learn to breathe effectively. Pranayama is one of the best simple and comfortable breathing techniques.
I gave an overview of previous blog posts too. Today, I urged to say a bit deeper.
STEP 1: Sit in a comfortable position. Make sure the place should be  bit quiet.
STEP 2: I personally prefer sitting on the floor.
STEP 3: Just close your eyes for a minute. It will make you to stay concentrated.
STEP 4: Start inhale from one side of your nose, then exhale from the other side of your nose. Simultaneously.
STEP 5: Don’t stretch too much on inhaling and exhaling. Do naturally. You knew the limit of inhaling and exhaling right.
STEP 6: Set up a timer or count your turn. What I mean is, if you did both inhale and exhale. One turn ends. You can do five turns as you wish.
STEP 7: When it’s over, again, just sat with closed eyes. Just feel, what’s happening in and around your body. Of course, it too hard to feel the body on day 1. When you start doing every day. Do this particular step. Please, correct me, if I’m wrong. After every physical and mental activity, we should know what happens in our bodies. This is what I would do.
STEP 8: Have patience. The impact might take a year too. Just build this habit. Eventually, you will able to realize, a kind of strong mental fitness. In fact, a healthy lifestyle too.
The proverb I read in my school days. I would love to convey at this moment.
“Health is wealth”.
It is your duty and responsibility to nourish.

With respect.

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