The 138 days streak, ends on Friday.
Again, I’m gonna start with zero.
OMG, why this is happening to me?
Writing every day something good and valuable is far more priority for me. Writing with this content, I’m not excusing myself/narrating a story. Even a step more, strategic content. I’m not emotional here. But, felt, rigid.
I’m urged to say here, how I sincerely love writing.
I wrote about a blog post. Why fatigue happens?
On Friday, I cannot believe. What’s happening? Feeling extreme fatigue. On the next day, I wake up at 8:10 AM, still feeling too dizzy, still lying on my bed without sleeping till 4:00 PM.
Feeling too hard to write, last night posts. I have written both of the posts together at midnight.
Today, I refreshed myself anyhow. With adaptability and adamantly managed to write it. If I missed today, felt ashamed. This must not happen.
Feeling deeply struggled to write. Still, my soul says, this is the reality of writing as a writer. Simultaneously, my subconscious mind says, be wise as a writer and deliver valuable content to the readers.
I don’t know the sequence of writing. I do more grammatical errors than a normal writer. But, I don’t wanna miss this writing rhythm.
I’m ready to say this statement, in every blog post. There is nothing wrong to start again with zero. Just start. Let’s start.
If you keep writing matters most. If you start doing stuff, what you want matters most. Writing is a journey, as I breathe.
Again, I’m gonna start with zero.

With respect.

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