We cannot learn everything in our life. Strategically, we can learn something every day until our last breath.
All successful people are life-long learners. They have a single goal. To learn. When they reached the peak, they never consider themselves I learned everything.
Why they were learning?
Learning will make them succeed and sustain too.
When I take-ways from successful people, I started noticing that leaning is the never-ending process. I started deciding, it should be part of our everyday activity. Every morning, you brush up your teeth, bath, foods, and everything. It must stick to our minds.
Kind of habit, you need to automate yourself. Here, I’m not rushing you all. Right now, you have to start building your learning track. It must be your life-long track. It doesn’t matter, whether smooth or hard or comfortable. The mantra is what you have to do.
My core suggestion is, pick up your favorite book or podcasts or seminars/conference that relates you to your passion or profession. Keep updating, what you want.
There is nothing wrong with starting something new or starting with zero. But, if you stay in zero, that ultimately leads to self-sabotage.
Even more, what I say to myself and everyone too. Every day least pick few minutes to stand and think alone. Or be in your team make sure that your people should be productive/ambitious/curious. Start discussing and thinking deeply. The ultimate level of learning should share with our peers.
Still, there are more to learn every day, because it is a never-ending process.

With respect.

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