Respect has to be earned.

You cannot expect or beg it. It just happens, when you succeed!

Please don’t mistake me, not only those who are succeeded. In fact, in a sport, we are giving respect and applause to both winners and runners too. When you are moving towards massive ambitious with deep curiosity. Respect born.

I should not criticize anyone. If you take me as a personal example. It was arrogant and aggressive. I feel like, I’m the one to do the things. I never make anyone stand beside me. I feel like, I’m alone can handle the stuff. That’s the worst mindset I was in.

When I started seeing some people, who had achieved a lot. To illustrate, Ratan Tata and Warren Buffett. Apart from inspiration, I have seen a lot from them. I feel like, I respect them. That feel, that sensation is the respect. Even though, I haven’t seen them live.

But when I say, they are my inspiration, the next line I would say, I have huge respect upon them.

Just now, my thought turns, character determines respect, every individual principle determines respect. Apart from success.

To say in one statement, a professional will earn enough respect. I don’t know, how to define professionalism?

I had seen them in my office. My previous boss. Mr. Patrick Taylor. Regional Vice President of South Asia at Teknion in Bengaluru. India.

At present, my current boss. Mr. Lucas Bianchi was a Co-Founder and Promoter of Namaste Credit in Bengaluru. India.

That’s why I need to more about professionalism. My next book, I’m gonna read. “The Professional” defining the new standard of excellence at work. By an author SUBROTO BAGCHI.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are deserved to earn respect.

With respect.


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