Just 3 days before, I read a Forbes article from LinkedIn. It is written for 2020, even more, the word “Disruption” catches my eye, beat my heart, strikes my mind. I would love to share it.

Let’s get into it. I strongly encourage, my respected avid readers, to read. I’m gonna paste that link too.

Henna Inam 

I am the CEO of Transformational Leadership Inc. and the author of “Wired for Authenticity.” I have lived/worked in seven countries across four continents. My clients are purpose-driven C-level leaders in Fortune 500 companies who are passionate about creating transformational impact within and around them. My grandmother used to say that I would be philosopher when I grew up. I would spend hours staring outside the window. Admittedly, this was in Pakistan in the 1970s and there was nothing good on TV. Somewhere along the way to a brilliant career as a philosopher I got lost and went to business school instead. After an MBA from Wharton, I spent 20 years in leadership positions in P&G and Novartis including Region President and global Chief Marketing Officer. 

I recommend each of us work through these questions to enable us to be more prepared and present for this decade of disruption in which millions of old jobs will go away and new jobs created. These questions will help you gain clarity regarding your strengths and values, develop learning agility. and discover the contributions you want to make to your workplace and world in the coming years.


  1. What am I truly grateful for now?
  2. What past accomplishments and strengths am I proud of?
  3. Who are the people who have helped me?
  4. What professional and personal experiences were meaningful and shaped me?
  5. Based on the above, what can I learn about my values?
  6. As I leave this decade what am I ready to let go of?
  7. What strengths, values and sense of purpose are important to me to anchor myself during change?
  8. What is my personal definition of success and contribution (across the domains that are important to me)?
  9. What new skill sets will be important for me to learn?
  10. Who are the mentors, community or tribe with whom it is important for me to be connected and contribute?


Sources: https://www.forbes.com/sites/hennainam/2020/01/04/ten-questions-to-prepare-for-the-decade-of-disruption/#3e6538bc2633


With respect.

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