Creativity has no timings.

To carry to small notepad or digital wallet which convenient to your pocket or bag pack. Install a note-taking app or buy a small diary.

I think is one of the habits of successful people. They write it down and track it.

I usually have both of them. If I miss one or another. But, I make sure, when I carry my mobile and money wallet, my hands will search towards notepad and pen. I love to write to something every day. So, I need to choose valuable contents. I usually think a lot about my goals, reading and writing. If I start thinking more, while I commute. I write a couple of valuable contents. To be honest, not only. Even more, I see new books and I gather new information regarding my projects. I write.

We, individuals, have our professions right!

So, every day we are looking forward to gathering/read/write something or lot. Sometimes or quite often, when we are alone or we stay with our colleagues. There is a possibility our way of thinking goes intellectually high.

Our brain has a massive capacity to remember. I think, please correct me if I’m wrong. Outside distractions and emotional distractions might affect us that leads upset and heart-broken. This kind of bad stuff affects our productivity too.

Bad stuff happening in our life. That’s okay.

But, ladies and gentleman. Don’t forget to track the good stuff/ideas/creativities.

When it comes to taking note, I would strongly suggest learning to take bad memory. It will teach you more lessons in your life than ever before. If you started realizing the bad moments in your life. You will get to know,

What wrong with me?

Write it down, both good and bad.


With respect.


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