Last month, I got pic a from Twitter, it really makes me to think a lot about mental power. I feel extremely important to share.

  1. They practice gratitude.
  2. They retain their personal power.
  3. They accept challenges.
  4. They focus on things they can control.
  5. They set healthy boundaries.
  6. They take calculated risks.
  7. They make peace within the past.
  8. They learn from their mistakes.
  9. They create their own definition of success.
  10. They view failure as an opportunity for growth.
  11. They set aside time to be alone.
  12. They accept full responsibility of their lives.
  13. They practice perseverance.
  14. They modify their unhealthy beliefs.
  15. They expand their mental energy wise.
  16. They practice realistic optimism.
  17. They tolerate discomfort.
  18. They say true to their values.





With respect.

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