Even, if you set the right rules, If the tasks are still harder/boring. You should learn to stay engaged with the right rules until you succeed.

We knew very well. We begin the target with the ultimate inspiration from every year. After days and months, things got totally out of control. It just happens. The reason, I’m saying, we learn to move a bit closer towards the goals. If you hesitate/stop/feeling broken. You result, fortunately,/unfortunately comes to an end.

I feel this should not have happened because we are working for a successful life. Unless we don’t have the right rules. There will be chaos.

I could give you(readers) my example. Over the last year, I started reading two books. “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith and Capital (Das Kapital) by Karl Marx. For me, it’s extremely harder to understand much more points.

The two rules, I’m following.

Highlight what you haven’t understood.

Keep reading and re-reading.

The word, I’m using “Right” is, I consider “Right” is a powerful word. \

Three quotes, I would love to add right now,


When you ready to start setting your own rules. The first step you need to do is analyze yourself.

What I want?

What I’m doing right now?

Self-realization must. Not selfishness ladies and gentleman.

Take a paper, and write about yourself. Your good deeds and bad deeds. Eventually, you could able to realize yourself. Finally, you can set your own rules. Even, if you jump deeper. You could able to visualize the right rules.

If we have the right pace in our life. Your thoughts and words will flow not only towards successive persona, a wise persona.

Let’s make the right move/rule.


With respect.





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