Don’t go broke.

The mantra is, nothing will gonna affect me.

If you wanna be successful, you should stay away from disappointments.

Why am I saying?

Disappointments in the red signal for our goals. It just makes us stop. We cannot hold it. It’s never gonna make us move forward.

Is this what we need?

We knew, what’s going on with successful people?

They aren’t smooth sailors. They are getting disappointed every day. Of course, they are!

Do you think, will those disappointments gonna stop them?

No, not at all.

Behind every successful entrepreneurs/writer or whatever. They handled several broken days. This is the reality. This is what happening right now with all successful people.

Even their results are terrible, they never took it too personally, but they do remember every result. But they have a work ethic. Do it, until what you get!

Do you know?

I personally, dig deep down with the disappointments. I could not accept it. I almost died. I was totally broken, not with days and months, years and years.

At this moment, I learned two options so far:

  1. Accepting the disappointments and keep working.
  2. Never care about disappoints, just work until you get.

I had chosen the option no:2. I started never caring disappointments.

Respected readers, the choice is yours finally, but I would sincerely and strongly suggest you all, choose the option no: 2. I deeply realized, the no:2 will make more impact in our successful journey.

Nothing, will gonna affect us!


With respect.



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