Don’t mistake me, for a late wish.



FRONTIER 40 ACOUSTIC GUITAR FRO1 BLACK WITH BAG.  Today is such a happy day in my life.

I love playing a musical instrument. I feel enormously self-satisfied.

I bought my very first musical instrument Keyboard on 1st of May 2016. It took me three years to be good at it. I’m extremely delighted.

The dark truth is, I could not afford the money. Fortunately, my dad started noticing me, when I started playing the Keyboard. I had shown such enthusiasm with music. My dad bought a Keyboard for me.

Next, the challenging is, I will choose a song then I will play learn to play with both instruments. Sounds crazy/insane. But, I love to do it.

I feel privileged to play musical instruments. I must say thank you almighty (DAD). I still, I have no idea taking my musical journey as one of my profession. If it is fine, it not fine too.

I started feeling, attaining financial freedom and being successful in life is absolutely needed. Even more, your heart rings to do some kind of passion. Whether win or lose. Never mind. Never take your mind into winning or losing with your passion. If you win or lose, you must keep on doing your passion. That’s the ultimate satisfaction in life.

If I play the guitar, every day if I write a blog post every day if I ran the marathon every month once. I felt like, I won.

Ladies and gentleman, don’t forget to do, whatever you love.


With respect.


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