For every reader’s study is the ultimate priority. Whether you are an academician or not. No matter. When I think about the study habits, I test myself;

What is working?

What isn’t working?

In these 24 hours, what is the realistic time? I’m dedicating. In dedicated time.

What is the productive time?

Productive time often rings to my mid.

Productivity is a successful people’s word.

Next, when it comes to planning the study habits, it is far better than to plan a day before. Before jumping onto the bed, write it through handwritten notes or digitally. Make sure it must not miss form your eye in the morning.

Essentially, your study habit must have the allocated time. It’s not a matter, you have a long list or one. Everywhere, time is dominating. So, allocating a certain amount of time tasks is the strategy. You could able to track your time and study progress too.

Concentration is the key to success. Be conscious. Don’t waste your time while studying. I did a lot of times. Better take a nap/coffee/walk/you can hear a melody(music) to relax.

If you had to study a topic, make sure that you collected all the relevant/adequate materials. Start reading and keep taking notes simultaneously. A study habit is not simply reading the materials you have. While studying, you must learn to arise a few critical questions/learn to simplify your notes/call your professors and discuss the topic. Finally, teach others too.

I would suggest taking everybody to take study habits bit more seriously. It will make a massive impact on our personal/carrier growth.


With respect.





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