It was such a long post. I received through Pinterest on the month of May. This particular post, I was intending to share. But there are fluctuations. If I’m targeting to share a particular post. Something comes in the midst right! Alright.

Here it is,

  • Keep learning new words.
  • Create a writing space that is quiet and allows you to think carefully.
  • Read a lot; different styles, different genres, different content.
  • Write about people. Never write about things alone.
  • Become a poet. Learn the rhythms, imagery, and word choice of poetry.
  • Find the best path for you, no matter how hard, no matter how easy. Be true to your soul.
  • Make people cry, laugh, whistle, or gasp in surprise-or think.
  • Listen to your readers. Always.
  • See what everyone else is doing. But do what you love, what is in your heart and in soul.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Journal every day. observe, listen, feel, question, write, sing!
  • Write the unusual. Say the weird.
  • Always use the right word. Don’t settle for something less.
  • Share your passion.
  • Tell stories. Write about people, their life and their and passions.
  • Write every day. Learn how you want to say the things, how you want to speak.




With respect.


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