For money,

For fame,

For others.

Do it, only if your heart rings. Because your heart knew very well about you. You cannot escape from it. whether profitable or non-profitable. No matter.

The moment you think you wanna be successful in life. Your heart knew very well what to do. Just follow the heart and just do it. There might be a bad habit with us. We work hard for materialistic greedy. That’s terribly wrong. Materials come and disappear. The ultimate soul purpose of doing things will save your life. Also, you could able to leave a rich legacy to the globe. Doing work without expecting any credit or publicity is extravagant.  You will able to feel some sort of self-satisfaction. No more words.

I’m the most relevant and suitable example of this content. I have a strong set of expectations in my life. Whatever I do. I need successful results. And I need a proud moment.

Life never gives the same results. Pay attention please, just don’t mistake me. I’m not writing deep-dive philosophy right now. As I often say, you must deliver your best. If you ready to start working, without any credits or momentum. I believe “KARMA” will be your boomerang. Ultimately, you are gonna decide what you wanna do in life. Even more, success will march towards you.

Finally, my final note, when I used to say, do it for yourself. The rule is, “Don’t be selfish”. Understand, you have a path right! So, you are gonna do well in your life. The next must step you must learn to help others. At that moment, you became a leader. Without title. My mentor Robin Sharma says. Lift others. Guide them.

Go-Ahead. Ladies and gentleman. Today is the fine day.


With respect.


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