Enough time! Don’t rush.

Success cannot be attained in a hurry. To grow you must give yourself a well enough time.

Two days before, I got a pic from LinkedIn.


A born caterpillar has grown as a butterfly. There is a caption written down below. Give yourself time.

Don’t beat yourself too much. That’s not good, because you cannot put your effort on a single day.

Better have inspirations that drive you every single day. Just watch a Ted Talk every morning. Read successful quotes. Decide what needs to be done.

What is my plan?

What I have to work every single day in-order to get succeed?

Just do it! Your heart knew very well.

Success matters with stability.

I can deliberately suggest,

Apply consistency.


Apply the power of compounding.

Whatever the choice is yours.

It’s time to decide on a path. Let the results arise. Rather than bothering about the final results. Keep giving your inputs. Don’t hesitate to something wrong.

Pay attention please, what I mean?

We are completely scared about doing the wrong things. We decide to do or waiting to do the correct things. The growth will lack.

If you take my writings, I just jumped, In-order to learn. I cannot be clever or strategically to wait for the best content or rich literature. Better, I can write horribly, to get to know where are the mistakes happening. This is what I’m doing right now.

To give a better illustration, if you started pouring water into a tree, you can pour over a set of years. Pour water in the same quantity or bit extra every day. After 5 years, the growth of the tree seems massive. If not, the growth wasn’t well.

Here, the input matters. Nothing more, nothing less.

Keep the flow. No more predictions or frustrations.


With respect.




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