WILL (ingness).

“Where there is a will there is a way”.

Life will get start changing if you are willing to do the things. You cannot simply expect things or just a dream.

It’s all about, how willing you are ready to move forward every day?

When I talk about every day, what I would say is you must have a certain belief.

Here is my question I would ask myself,

Are you willing to learn in order to succeed?

When I started talking and taking initiatives about the leadership in my college days. Till now, I still remember Robin Sharma has impacted on me with regards to leadership.

“To lead without a title”.

What I understood at that moment about leadership?

Being a volunteer.

In fact, the word volunteer applies here too.

I usually say to myself, whether in the morning jumping out of the bed. Or in the night before gonna bed. Take a moment, and believe you have the will and willingness. Have strong faith in your core mission.

What should I have to do/ done today?

Should I have to fight/fought?

Should I quit/quitted?

Am I feeling weak on my will?

What’s wrong with me?

When I passed out of high school, I’m feeling terrible and lacking in my purpose and skills. I seriously don’t know what to do?

I was blank and empty.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I had chosen to read books that were the initial moment in my life as a reader. The sad part was, I started buying more and reading less. Anyway, right now, I’m becoming a voracious reader. Some sort of balance.

Articulately, Think and Grow Rich book played a massive role in my life. I strongly suggest, if you wanna carry or built a grit and determination. Read again and again.


With respect.


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