The fact is that you cannot feel comfortable with the process of learning. Somedays, you might have the satisfaction with the work you had done. Still, there are chaotic moments, things never work as it seems/thinks.

At the developing stage, if the process seems painful, rather than quitting, better re-think what’s going on?

What should I have to learn from it?

What is the way to go further?

What’s my mentor is saying?

What’s are my results so far?

What is the impact on me and society?

In this era, it is not possible to stay in the comfort zone.

In fact, you might hear the quote, “Comfort is the enemy of the achievement”.

We better keep learning, it will definitely impact on the long term.

Every painful process will teach something. Unless we realize. We cannot say, it’s a bad day. Rather, we can learn, prepare and have a bright hope for the future.

When I started writing in the initial days, I have no idea how am I gonna convey grammatically. I knew that grammar plays a dominant segment in the field of writing. I’m aggressively moved forward to write every day. But reality. Painful. I love that pain and that’s my pleasure too. I feel I want to write. After every post, I started realizing few pieces of stuff on my writing grammatical, sentence formation and choosing valuable, relevant and realistic contents. Finally, way of conveying to the readers. Even more finally, willing and learning to rectify it. I’m feeling painful, anyway, fine. Still, there is room for learning.

This is the right time to learn and update yourself. In-order not only to survive.

To win.

To achieve.


With respect.


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