It’s been around more than two months. I was trying to share. Fine, today is the best day to share. Got it from Pinterest.

  1. Find your most comfortable method

E.g. Italo Calvino would write and correct by hand, and then type out subsequent drafts.

  1. Try creative approaches

Gunter Grass would ask for a blank book from his printer, to write a draft including drawings.

  1. Set realistic expectations

Calculate how long it takes you to draft a full chapter, then estimate the total income.

  1. Pick a focus for your draft

For example Colleen McCullough would use her middle drafts to tweak characterization.

  1. Allow your first draft to be messy

Author Jennifer Egan says ‘blind, unconscious, messy efforts’ produce her best material.

  1. Get feedback on drafts when ready

Stephen King refers to a first draft as the ‘closed door’ draft. Share only when ready.

  1. Get it written, not right

There is plenty of time to tweak for the mot juste during revision and editing. Get it done.


Get feedback on your first draft: nownovel.com

With respect.

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