The day started writing something valuable and giving inspirational messages to my readers. I was too careful; my words should not end in persuasion. Moreover, the truth I need to convey to the readers. I need to convey the realities to the readers. That’s why I started writing such contents starts with reality.

So far, what I had understood about my motivation. Giving the right message to the readers. It has to be something valuable to them. They should not forget. My message has to make an impact. Even more, with the right illustration.

I had seen that giving motivation is not business or manipulation. It’s a service, I say with no doubt. That’s it.

I couldn’t believe, how am I doing it. But, my thought-flow was the passion to convey things. Sometimes, I should that, I write with a lot emotions. The next step, I should stop there, and I must start saying the reality.

What it takes to attain the goals?

Quite happily, I’m conveying through as words. There might be/there are illogical contents. I apologize, again I was too careful.

Along with my inspirational thoughts and messages, I would love to write something more. There are still a few more are there in my writings related to ‘academics.’ Quite frankly and honestly, I’m preparing a lot. I started doing bit more research than usual. Maybe in a month, I would like to give a pleasant surprise to my readers It not something notorious. The same word, “valuable”.


With respect.

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