It’s a tiny milestone for me again. Last time, I was too happy. But I missed out badly. But this time, 0 to 100, it’s challenging. I still keep writing, even if my words and contents are terrible.

Why am I saying terrible?

I still need to adjust a lot with my writing skill. I started knowing that, my English and my body paragraph needs to be adjusted a lot more. As I often say and believe. I have to maintain my writing rhythm. I would like to find out the mistakes and faults in my writing. I have to realize it. Even though I was too careful when I am writing, there are still mistakes. Precisely, sentence formation.

I should be a bit happy because I’m still writing. I must worry because my grammar and body paragraph must improve.

Still, there is hope!

Before I start writing, I should develop a habit of thinking more and writing a rough draft. Just now, I feel, the problem is, I’m directly jumping into the fair draft. That would be a major problem.

Exactly two days before, I got a pic @WrtrStat from Twitter. And I liked and retweeted it too. Again, I posted on my Instagram. I feel extremely happy to post such kind of pics.

“First drafts are for learning what your novel or story is about.”- BERNARD MALAMUD.

My understanding after reading this line, after the first draft, there are still enormous changes has to be done. Better, I have to follow this.

What is the next should I have to take for better writing?

I must ask this question every time. Before writing.

Simultaneously, reading and writing must happen.

So, let’s follow.


With respect.

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