Please pay close attention, the word “RISK” applies to every profession. Writing is also risky. Risks don’t mean, it’s impossible.

Entrepreneurs visualize it’s risky but possible. Outsiders will decide, it’s impossible.

For entrepreneurs, risks are their favourite word. They took the risk as the challenge. They dealt with all sorts of risks, even more, they would like to win. Of course, they fall, they ready to bounce back. Entrepreneurs have such kind of mentality to face the risk, even if things aren’t working right!

Being an entrepreneur, things never get settled. On the one side, you need to show your goods/services to your ultimate customers. On the other side, you will face tough competition every day.

Few entrepreneurs have a monopoly in the market. Sometimes, monopoly might be at risk in the market. Even a few entrepreneurs, they have a Blue Ocean Strategy. I strongly suggest readers those who haven’t read. Please pick it as soon as.


The most extreme risk is consumers taste and preferences are dynamic. As an entrepreneur, he/she must have an eagle view of their customers.

What kind of innovative stuff they are looking for?

An entrepreneur has to keep the pace. The reality of an entrepreneur has to know, the risks are often will get generated.

Few facts, that I often realized/noticed is,

  • Technology is the key for most of the entrepreneurs. Precisely, for the tech entrepreneurs. They should be ready to use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Business Analytics, Data Analytics and Big Data. They should know the risk before using it. It should be balanced.

Finally, Start-up entrepreneurs have to worry and face the risks in economic slowdown. I did bit research in this particular statement. I had mentioned the source down below. Please visit it.


SOURCE: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/economys-effects-small-businesses-10269.html


With respect.

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