Last week, in Pinterest I started searching more on writing and grammar and few proofreading pics too. But I got such a wonderful pic with regards to writing. I would love to share.

  1. Words-to-Use.com – A different kind of thesaurus.
  2. OneLook.com – One quick dictionary search tool.
  3. Vocabulary.com – The quickest, most intelligent way to improve your vocabulary.
  4. ZenPen.io – A minimalist where you can block out all distractions.
  5. 750words.com – Write three new pages every day.
  6. Readibility-Score.com – Get scored on your writing’s readability.
  7. YouShouldWrite.com – Get a new writing prompt on every time you visit.
  8. WriterKata.com – Improve your writing with repetitive exercises.
  9. IWL.me – A tool that analyzes your writing and tells you which famous authors you most write like.
  10. HemingwayApp.com – Simplify your writing.
  11. FakeNameGenerator.com – Generate fake name of your characters.
  12. Storyline.io – Collaborate on a story with others by submitting a paragraph.


Source: Johnny Webber.

Please comment, other websites or apps to improve writing.

With respect.

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