We are making and doing things for others to see. Will a particular activity satisfy us?

Big question mark.

This is the time that we need to know need to prove for our self?

You have to feel yourself, that I had done a great job today. Feeling privileged. The kind of inner happiness should arise. You must know what satisfies me?

Living for others and showing your results for others never gonna long last. If you are started proving someone. Maybe those people might hate someday. If you feel things are good and thinking about what is required that fine. You feel happy and you will not get disappointed rather than saying to others. Better you can have a self-conversation/self-talk. You can sit quietly/you can close your eyes. Start thinking about what you want.

Am I doing for myself?

Or just am I doing for others/publicity.

Self-appreciation must on oneself. Sometimes, you have to stand in front of the mirror and you need to scold yourself. I always do self-evaluation. What are the steps I took and where am I standing?

The next step you can seek your mentors but, you need to know about yourself right!

The reason I’m writing this content is, nowadays I feel, I’m competing with myself. I took challenges, it’s my own initiatives, nobody gonna ask me. I have to beat myself. I had decided a certain path not for proving others. It matters to me. If I win, I’m gonna celebrate, if I lose, I’m gonna learn. so, I have to try harder and I need to know, where am I?

Not for others.


With respect.



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