None of them was experts in the world. Please correct me, if I’m wrong. We think that he/she is an expert, but they are still learning. They never think themselves, they are experts. They knew very well, still, there are more to learn. Every day is something to learn. Their mentality is still like a student.

We knew right, how the 5 to 10-year-old kid’s learning speed. I apologize, I don’t have the standard research or survey. But I had seen a lot of kids that are under year 10 old their learning was ultimately high. The way of understanding and grasping power was unbelievable.

Every expert is like a baby, they sit and do their work. They never thought. “I’M DONE”. They are hungry and passionate. They still work no matter what.

What I’m supposed to do is, I would like to join under my professors and my seniors. Because I would love to learn till my last breath, it’s is not completing a course or joining an MNC. Of course, that is required.

But our learning curve has to be widened. We must keep our mentality like a student. We should develop the habit of learning like a student. It doesn’t matter, whatever your position. This kind of mindset has to develop right now and carry-forward to the next generation.

I don’t know, being a student is easy or tough. I have a bright hope, it will work.

Every writer, every entrepreneur and every CEO still learning like a student.

Learning is a never-ending process.

Let’s be a student.


With respect

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