“Monday’s are fine, it’s your attitude that sucks”.

More than a year ago, I posted on my Instagram. Usually, I’m the kind of person thinks that Monday has to be a good day. There is always a reality, a reality never gonna stop affects my goals and dreams. But the challenging part is to face reality.

Certain Monday’s never works as we think, we feel unsatisfied about the work. Monday might be bad too.

We have to be ready. Every day is important, if Monday sucks, please don’t go broke for the upcoming days. Days are dynamic. We tends to think easily, every day has to be smooth. But we must take the stuff seriously and productively. Whether good or bad, we must keep moving.

I say to myself, but I’m not convincing. If a Monday’s are really terrible, it doesn’t mean that the next day or the whole week is bad.

Shall we sleep with a kind of determination and wake up on the next day?

Or shall we carry the same upsets on next day.?

This leads to fear and disappointment. If every Monday comes, the mind goes upset. That is not actually, let’s apply the first line what I wrote above. Or lets a make every Monday the best day. Every day is important, precisely, we should not give up on Monday.

So far, in my past 5 years, I felt horribly upset on Monday, whether I didn’t prepare what to do on Monday? Else, my attitude sucks.

Monday is my day.


With respect.


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