I wrote in my earlier post, with regards enough in physically, intellectually, spiritually and sensitively.

Why am I specifically writing about mental fitness?

Without mental fitness, you could not able to win with physical, intellectual etc.

Even more, someday, you feel tired or exhausted. Might be your attitudes changes/you felt motivational by seeing or reading something. That moment, you are mentally becoming much stronger. You could able to feel that, how your mental fitness playing a dominant role. Or, you could say attitude.

Becoming a mentally stronger person is not much easy. Some of them gifted to be mentally stronger. Some not.

The bright step you have to take is to be brave when you are facing challenges. Might be an interview, your exams, your sport, your business, be ready to write. If you are holding such a sign of courage. You will become a mentally strongest person.

I often say, habits. The everyday habits will decide your journey to be successive or failure.

Let’s make a habit of being mentally stronger. Be brave to face to the bad day. Then the more you strong mentally, you are capable enough to fix the solutions to the problems. Give a certain exercise to your mind. What I would say is, Rubik’s cube and playing chess will boost your mental fitness.  Also, meditation plays too.

I always say to myself, be strong enough, make your mind to face the hard challenges. Every day, I’m still struggling, but I’m still making myself enough stronger.

Then don’t forget the rest. Apart from mental fitness, what I said above.


With respect.

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