I started creating two new habits.

  1. Art of balanced mode. I made a post last week. Please correct me, if I’m wrong. Or two weeks before.
  2. Relaxing.

Oftentimes, I felt overwhelmed. My body goes for a relaxed mode. Within a second, I will say to myself. Don’t relax. You have more work to do? You don’t have time at all. Suddenly, I will watch an interesting or motivational video. I work beyond my body effort. At some point of time, in my 24 hours, I cannot do anything. I feel, I’m out.

If you read and analyze successful people, they say, you should learn to relax along with your work.

I’m still trying this approach. I will do it as soon as.

Relaxing is not sitting in the place and thinking something. Or worried about your work. If your relaxing, you should count your regrets. That very bad approach.

I have good ideas. If you would like to relax, you could travel once, every two weeks. Or every weekend. Your wish matters. Travelling is a special experience. If you travel, you could see a lot. You might learn a lot about your travelling experience. You could able to meet new people. If you are stepping out of your zone. Things will be okay. You felt like, even more, relaxed and happy.

Few more just now strikes to my mind,

Could you able to sit with nature quietly?

Could you learn to appreciate yourself, so far what you had done?

Will you able to motivate yourself on upcoming work?

Still, there are several ways to relax. I said a few.

Ladies and gentleman, what would you do for relaxing?

Please comments below. Others could get benefitted.

With respect.


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