There is nothing wrong with bad writings. The more you engage with the habit of writing, the more possibilities you could get better.

Keep writing matters most.

The reality of every writer, the word I mentioned in the content “Keep calm” never matches. In order to get a better rhythm of writing, you should be able to calm yourself. You should develop a habit of devoting a certain time on writing.

The most challenging part is, you should write a topic on every single day. Even more, you have to be flexible to write at any time. In the mid of the night, the ideas could arise. So, you can keep your paper and pen beside your bed. Gladly, you can write whatever comes to your mind. If you feel that, this content is too important to write it now, you have to jump into writing. If you procrastinated, things will be unfair. After a certain point in time, you cannot fulfil. The ideas will be there in your mind. It’s too hard to implement. If you are planning to start today or right now. Just start. keep doing it.

The more you start at an earlier point in time, that’s gonna be fantastic.

I still remember, my procrastination, regarding my writing. In my college days, I write a few. I write that’s it. But the problem is I never maintained the rule as keep on writing. Most of the days, I feel like I have to write. Few days, I have good ideas to write. But I didn’t. Over the last few months, I was rushed to write, I was determined to write, I would love to write.

Now at this moment, if I’m able to keep calm or not, I will keep on writing.  I don’t wanna waste time, I just have to keep writing.

Keep writing.


With respect.

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