I wonder myself, to use this term. Because we cannot expect everything as we wish. Rather we can make some set of calculations. If I’m doing an experiment or R and D, I cannot expect the things to happen. What I should do is, I can make some calculated predictions, my final results might come in this way. If I failed, there are some turning point that I can do.

Before I started writing a blog, I had a huge set of expectations along with my dreams. It was a rough expectation. After several blog posts, I understood. I cannot expect anymore. Better I should do the groundwork, better I can keep on writing, that’s okay even too terrible. In every blog post, I could able to see my mistakes. I will try to adjust my level of writing, rather than I myself think like a skilled writer with a huge set of insane/notorious expectations.

Right now, I knew bit better how my writing works. Without giving a shot, I cannot say, things will gonna happen this way. Might be after several shots. I could be calculative. My approach started changing.

I had a good reason to write this post right now, because in my life, over the last 10 years. I expected a lot. To be quite frank and honest, “nothing worked out”. Very few incidents, I have done some rough calculations by asking myself,

What if?

What if not?

How calculative am I?

I started these kinds of successful habits. I would like to this is a successful habit. Every successful people will a calculated move.


With respect.


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