Motivation is not a myth.

The motivation could be through audible or words, but it must convey a certain purpose/value. It is not simply brainwashing people or making people to listen to your words.

When you are realized by several motivational speeches. Some kind of deep thoughts will arise, that’s the right motivation. Search for the right motivation. Even one or more, numbers doesn’t matter, but the motivation has to play a prominent role in your entire life. The motivation should not simply for a day/month. The right motivation will travel with you. You can watch every day or write in your everyday journal. Well, some people hold their motivation every day. Some not. If you are holding the right motivation, that would be great.

You knew yourself, certain motivation will make you great. Precisely, your attitudes and IQ will go extreme point. Philosophically, you feel a sense of understanding within yourself/you started knowing yourself what is going on.

Search the right motivation. keep on searching it. You might get today or tomorrow or you will get definitely in your lifetime. But you should not fall in the wrong motivation.

I personally, not deliberately to be a motivation speaker/writer. I’m not decided to be a motivational writer/speaker at all.  I just keep on thinking, about the motivations. I see I hear. Along with my curiosity, motivations made me more enthusiastic. I’m not myself sure, how am I gonna convey to people, but the moment I was thinking. The next moment, I started doing it. I said to myself, just give the right motivation to people. Be careful, when you are using certain illustrations. Just give an open speech. Be real and practical.

Better to keep quiet and accept, “I don’t know, what to convey today.” Rather than giving a fake motivation.


With respect.

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