Time management is life management. You, me, we and they (successful peoples) all have 24 hours.

Why their time was too productive?

I think they have their purpose and the vision to do the things in a given 24 hours. They value time. They thought the time is more valuable than money.

Legendary Investor, Warren Buffett says, I can buy anything, but I cannot buy time.

How they are using their time?

Sorry, I don’t know exactly. What I realized is, they plan well advance. They knew what to do. It is not doing something, but you have to calculative. Particularly regards to the time.

Maintain a standard time to do your work. Please do not plan for an entire 24 hours. It would be hard at the initial point of time. Fix your time and do the best work. After a month, the entire 24 hours will be in your hand. You will take control of the time.

What I usually do is, I have a set of time to read and write. I set strong time to do my works because I knew that things never gonna work as much as easy for me. I have to be strict with myself. My passion drives me. It doesn’t mean that you should not waste a single minute. You can spend your time with loved ones. Fine, but you should learn to evaluate the time. You should know, what’s happening in the 24 hours.

How much productive am I?

Do I balance the time and work?

Or am I irregular?

The final question is,

How much time can I set to work in 24 hours?

With respect.

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