Actually, there is a lot to write about.

I’m not saying psychology or based on the research if you would like to write every day. You can. Absolutely you can. Because you are stretching your mind to write. Contents will be always available in your mind. Unless you push/you would love to do.

Me, personally, no way, I will write, I knew that I could create content. I will keep my pace that, my content or body paragraph must not be ambiguity.

So far, 250 posts. The numbers don’t sound good at all. Although, I done it. Sorry, I’m doing it anyway. I say to myself, writing is my path, writing is my journey. I could not say, writing is gonna be my destination.

Every writer determined to write every day. Whether his/her writings sound like either professional or amateur. It is not about succeeding as a writer. A writer writes until he/she gets succeed. A writer writes for his/her own personal satisfaction. A writer writes to prove as a writer to the globe.

I read on Twitter moreover a month ago. It was actually a pic, but sorry I could not search right now, there are more. I could say bylines, “every beginner (as a writer) thinks himself/herself to write. The one took their pen and paper and start writing succeeds”. Paraphrased. Rather than thinking as a writer. Better you can scribble in the paper. You will know your way of writing. That’s is required. By writing every day, you will get to know.

Let’s write, there is always something to write.


With respect.



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