BLF-1552548601  I attended a literature festival in Bangalore yesterday and today. This is my second literature in Bangalore. Totally three literature festival, another one from Chennai. It was such a pleasant moment. Looking at the authors the way they had spoken about their books. I had seen the reality of being an author and their pain and pleasure.

I won’t say, I’m lucky, but I deserved to be there. Because I love literature. I would love to become an author. I would love to become a speaker. Simultaneously, I’m practising both. Actually, I’m writing terribly, but I still have more possibilities to do more stuff. I have a bright hope. Even though, I’m struggling too badly.

I must to you all my avid readers. Last year, I attended my first literature festival. I accidentally went inside the hall. I said thank you to almighty the moment I sat in the hall.


Set of people wrote their first book and presenting orally to the juries. I could not believe, what’s going on?

It was very hard. Every juror in the juries asking several questions and identifying mistakes from the authors. I loved the way the questions asked by the juries. Those authors corrected their mistakes then and there. I moment, I see. I could not accept the pain and pleasure of being a writer and his/her book. Again, thank you almighty.

Readers, please comments below your valuable lessons. If you had attended the literature festivals or did you met any start-up authors (Please correct me, if I’m wrong) or your favourite authors or do you present any books in-front of juries.


With respect.

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