You should not say; my turning point will be there on one day. You must say, I’m gonna do this, this is my turning point. Here my life changes. Here my lifestyle changes. Everything gonna change. My decisions and actions will lead to a greater turning point in my life.

I’m not gonna wait.

Better I can create/make it.

There is a saying, I would love to deliver here with paraphrasing,

there is no perfect moment, this is the perfect moment.

Right now, is the turning point. If you are reading this statement. Whether in the morning or in the mid of the night. Nothing wrong. Just believe.

In my personal life, a few decisions, I decided it. Those are still not yet leads to success. But the failures are better. I should say that; those failures are my turning point. Hasty decisions are my learning path. One or two of my good decision are perfect. Because, right now, at this moment. I’m writing here. Feeling quite delighted. I want this, there no way of going back or looking back. If you do that.

What’s the point?

Why are you expecting life/someone has to give a turning point?

The moment you felt, I’m gonna quit. That’s it. nobody gonna save you.

Remember: why you started?

Don’t forget your mission. Don’t lose it for silly things. Also, don’t lose it for huge losses too. Those losses never gonna affect you. Just take it, those will be your turning point.


With respect.

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